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Kallis Filoxeniaki Ltd

Consulting and Vocational Training in Tourism and Hospitality


Kallis Filoxeniaki Ltd; small-size private company specialized in advisory and vocational education services, mainly in tourism and hospitality.

Filoxeniaki is accredited by the national HR development authority (ANAΔ) as being eligible to develop and implement vocational training programs. Focused on hospitality, human & social skills, recognition, and reward and leadership programs.

The portfolio of clients includes some of the finest local hospitality companies, but also middle size visionary entrepreneurs.

Filoxeniaki is highly engaged in many social responsibility projects, among them, Cypria Filoxenia, (national hospitality awards).


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Philoxenist™ Great Host

Philoxenist™ is a quality model to define great employees in hospitality- by evaluating guest public reviews

The Philoxenist™ methodology consists of: (a) Searching data about people's professional comments, (b) Analyzing findings using a diagnostic tool and (c) Evaluating both corporate and individual "philoxenist framework".

Top employees are awarded both company internally and (if desired) as well as on regional or national level under the auspices of tourism authorities.
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Bravo.one, Recognition & Reward System

Bravo.one™ is an employee's appreciation app. It includes: Own philosophy and methodology and a tool (online platform) to showcase best in class people in connection with corporate values.

Bravo is great for: i. Great for People: attracts and retains best-in-class people. ii. Great for Performance: motivates people to deliver beyond expectations. iii. Great for Appreciation: shows appreciation to the best performers, innovators, and role models.
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Visionary Leadership Seminars

How to turn Generational Liabilities to Assets.
Boomers as supervisors, Millennials as New comers? How does it go? How to coach, educate, motivate, and communicate with different generations at work. (7 hrs)

How to apply Job Recognition beyond Usual.
How to set up your own recognition and reward system as part of visionary and inspirational management. (7 hrs)

Service & Customer Experience Seminars

How to apply it to achieve customer delight.
Service and Products' Excellence are wasted, if Customer Experience is not designed and orchestrated. (14 hrs)

How to turn vision into inspired practical Hospitality.
Turn theories into 120 practical unique points of authentic hospitality. Implementation of Customer Experience Management. (7 hrs)

How to be a Philoxenist, a Great Host
Educate and develop your people to become leaders in Hospitality, Service Excellence and Guest Experience. (incl. Diagnostic & Evaluation tool) (7 hrs)

Erasmus+ Programs

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KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training.

HOST Project - Enhance training and support of autistic staff, increasing their competitiveness, value, efficiency, and general well-being in and out of the workplace.
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WEEDOUT - Weed out occupational violence from HORECA

People working in the HORECA sector are entitled to have safe and healthy working environments. It is time to "Weed out Occupational Violence from HORECA"!
Participating in the project representing Cyprus Hotel Managers Association.

Advisor to Public Projects

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#EnjoyRespect Ayianapa, Project of the Ayia Napa municipality

Initiator and coordinator of #EnjoyRespectAyianapa project.
Creating, designing and disseminating the values of "enjoyrespect" into businesses and visitors.
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Cypria Filoxenia

Initiator and coordinator of Cypria filoxenia awards, a national institution that finds, evaluates and awaerds best of the class in guest experience.